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How can a mom raise 10 kids on a restricted earnings while living on a vineyard in Texas? this week I interviewed Dina-Marie Oswald from Dimes 2 Vines, where she blogs about her life as a homeschooling mom of 10. Scroll down for my special interview with Dina-Marie.

HM: Where are you from?Dina-Marie: I was born as well as increased in Ga. My other half as well as I resided in Alabama for 20 yrs except for a 4yr transfer to Switzerland with his chemical business (i.e. vacation!). two years ago, we moved our household (8 kids still at home)to west TX to begin a vineyard.

HM:When did you begin blogging?Dina-Marie: October 2009

HM:Why do you blog?Dina-Marie: I started Dimes2Vines after a number of good friends wished to understand exactly how as well as why I do specific things. examples include: exactly how we online on such a restricted income? (We have been living off what was left of cost savings after getting the land as well as vines for our vineyard considering that our home in AL has not offered yet.) exactly how I voucher as well as get “free stuff”? Why I homeschool? Why do you have a milk cow as well as chickens?

HM:What is your blog about?Dina-Marie: Dimes2Vines is about my adventures from carefree to mommy of 10 children, our family’s step from the safe life we had developed in AL (having a paycheck) to the interesting life of starting a vineyard in west TX (no paycheck yet!), couponing, chickens, cows, cheesemaking as well as …. (read more)HM:What are your utmost goals for your blog?Dina-Marie: My goals for Dimes2Vines is to assist others. Whether that is discovering new methods to be penny-wise or to motivate them in whatever circumstance they are in. To my surprise, I have benefited perhaps a lot more than anyone, since in the process of composing about what we do as well as why we do it, I have been reminded why we ARE doing all this!

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HM: What do you want your visitors to get out of your blog?

Dina-Marie: I want people to be motivated when they checked out Dimes2Vines as well as to have some laughs.

HM: What do you do to get your visitors to keep coming back? Dina-Marie: I have told a few of our household history as well as my penny-wise discovering process. I want people to be able to determine with us as a family, working together for a household goal as well as want to understand more. I hope my blogging will be both fascinating as well as entertaining sufficient to keep visitors coming back.

HM: Do you have any type of preferred blogs or any type of blogs that you checked out regularly?Dina-Marie: Yes. There are so lots of great ones that it is truly tough to single out just a few! a few of the ones I checked out include The Suburban Jungle, Life as mommy as well as My four Monkeys. My preferred voucher sites include Hip2Save as well as DealSeekingMom.

HM: Do you have any type of recommendations for other bloggers?Dina-Marie: As a newbie I hesitate to provide any type of recommendations as I feel I understand so little! I can state that as a blog reader, content, great content, keeps me coming back.

HM:What is one thing that I did not cover in these set of questions?Dina-Marie: I believe you have about covered it.

A bit about Myself: I have been married to the exact same guy for 25 yrs. as well as am the mom of 10 kids (24yrs-13mths). We have 2 grandchildren – both older than our youngest child! I was expecting at the exact same time as my daughter-in-law, sorta like daddy of the Bride 2 around once again except without France!Our second kid lives in El Paso, TX as well as the staying 8 are at home. I have house informed the kids from K up until college level.

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You can see Dina-Marie at Dimes 2 Vines.

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