Seattle blogger Encourages Familes to travel together

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Go on an adventure with Marcie in Mommyland

Seattle based blogger, Marcie Cheung, believes that it is important for families to travel together no matter how young your children are.  Her blog, Marcie in Mommyland focuses on having adventures with babies and toddlers, locally (in the Seattle area) and globally.  She writes about taking the stress out of doing fun activities with small children.  Marcie is  a stay at home mom of a toddler and is expecting her second child.  Travel is very important to her and her spouse and they make it a priority to expose their son Owen who is 2 and a half, to a variety of activities and cultures.

“It’s been a lot of fun for our family because it has slowed down our pace and we’ve noticed new things in places we frequent,” she writes.

“I started this blog because people are always telling me I’m so brave for traveling with a baby or toddler and they want to know how I do it.  After countless emails and Facebook comments, I finally realized it would be much simpler to consolidate everything into a blog.  It’s so much fun to write about our adventures and get inspired to explore new places!”

If you have had a bad experience traveling with your young children, Marcie is here to help. Marcie in Mommyland will help you learn from what went wrong on your last vacation and find the right vacation for your family.  Below is a sneak peek into Marci’s blog.

“Cruising with a toddler We were invited to a family wedding in Tuscany last summer and we decided to do some travel before the wedding. This was our first time taking our toddler to Europe so we really thought about where we’d like to go and how cumbersome it might be. The kicker is that the destination wedding was black-tie and involved several events where we’d need nice clean clothes, so we had to bring more than usual. After much contemplation, we opted to do a Greek Isles cruise on royal Caribbean. I had never been on a cruise before (I assumed they were just for old people) and I had always said that I’d rather spend more time at the destination rather than getting there. I was completely mistaken! Our cruise was the perfect fit for our 20 month old! For one thing, the service on board was absolutely outstanding! maybe it’s because our past experiences have made our standards so low that we feel like we have to apologize when we bring our son out and about, but I almost cried several times because we were treated so nicely! They actually begged us to bring our son to the dining room each night, where he had about 15 servers calling him nicknames and bringing him bread and special treats! They also had a wonderful on-board babies and toddlers program. It was open in the mornings for parents to come play with their kids for free. They had movies running in the background and several large toys. This was nice to meet other parents of toddlers.”

For more information on Marcie and her family adventures check out For more options on a dinner cruise, you can also check out other options one of these Sunset dinner Cruises for the entire family. 

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